Why Do You Need An Appraisal When Buying A Home

Bera says it boils down to a three-step process, regardless of how much money a client has or why they’re seeking financial ..

This appraisal figure also determines the loan amount you can get to buy the property. Now you learn that your dream home is valued at $249,000 — a full $51,000 lower than the asking price! Your lender won’t loan more than the appraisal. So what do you do? On the next page we’ll explore how both buyers and sellers can recover from a low appraisal.

Home Buying Costs Massachusetts;. You may be thinking to yourself why does this matter?. You do not need an appraisal if you have 22 percent equity in the home.

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They are even more complicated than they used to be. The homebuyer shouldn’t want that either, of course. So appraisals exist for good reason, but what can make them a tense time for all parties is that they’re conducted after you’ve negotiated a price, agreed to buy or sell the house and signed the contract.

The cost of home appraisals depends on the property value, location, and size of your property. They cost a few hundred dollars and typically the buyer pays the fee at closing, although you can opt to pay it up-front. A good faith estimate -also known as a GFE-given to you by the lender will supply a fee for.

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Why do I need a home appraisal? An appraisal protects the client and lender so that they do not overpay for the home. A home appraisal helps to establish a property’s value – this means the sales price it would be offered in an open and competitive real estate market.

Appraisals are an important part of the home buying process. A real estate appraisal establishes a property’s market value – the likely sales price it would bring if offered in an open and competitive real estate market. lenders require appraisals when buyers use their new homes as security for their mortgages.

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