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Better credit: An additional borrower can also help if she has high credit scores. Lenders prefer to lend to borrowers with a long history of borrowing and repaying on time. If you add a borrower with strong credit to your loan application, you have a better chance of getting approved. More assets: Joint borrowers can also bring assets to the table.

Joint intent for commercial loans | Application Loans – On the other hand, signatures or initials on a credit application affirming applicants’ intent to apply for joint credit may be used to establish intent to apply for joint credit. The method used to establish intent must be distinct from the means used by individuals to affirm the accuracy of information.

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Can I get a mortgage if my partner has bad credit? – Most mortgage lenders require married applicants to apply in joint names and combine husband and wife credit scores for a mortgage, which makes it tricky for those where one applicant is clean credit and would otherwise get a high street deal were it not for the second applicant.

A joint loan allows you and a co-borrower to apply for a loan and makes both parties equally liable to repay it. In many cases, married couples apply for joint loans when shopping for mortgages, but in some instances, lenders allow more than two co-borrowers.

Should You Get a Joint Mortgage? – SmartAsset – What Is a Joint Mortgage? A joint mortgage means you and your partner (or up to three partners) apply for the mortgage together. Partners often apply with a joint mortgage to get access to better mortgage rates and terms. Applying jointly can even help your eligibility status in the first place. Keep in mind that a joint mortgage is not joint ownership.

Avoid any late payments, refrain from applying for new credit (or closing any credit accounts), and pay down any credit card accounts as much as possible. If you apply alone. Despite the disadvantages, sometimes it makes sense for the partner with good credit to apply for the mortgage alone. (Perhaps that person also has a substantially higher income).

Sometimes applying for a joint mortgage is necessary if one applicant has a few minor credit issues but sufficient income while the other has great credit history but their income couldn’t cover the mortgage. How much the applicants’ combined income amounts to will determine how much they can get for a loan.

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